Monday, April 13, 2015

DIY Gold Etagere

Who said DIY was hard? Here you see two beautiful gold bookshelves completed for office space. These were purchased at and then spray painted a matte gold for a more expensive flare. Easy to do and takes about 20 min. to spray paint, then wait to dry. Get the look without the price tag! VIOLA! 

This Etagere by Worlds Away

Currey and Company

Lamar Etagere Gold Leaf

Monday, February 24, 2014


Why not try a new metallic this season? We are seeing copper as a new trend to use as accent pieces throughout the home. We love this idea from Elle Decor! Helps to add winter warmth to your home! 

From left to right: Copper Desk Lamp, Nordic House; Define Copper tone stool, Designer Vintage; Bloomingville lampshade, Debenhams. 

Pendant light by Flitty Bird

Friday, February 21, 2014

Pendant DIY project...Get Inspired!

One thing we love at House to Home are DIY projects! Take a peek at this pendant DIY project from Design Sponge! Get inspired!!

MATERIALS NEEDED-Decorative Metal Sheet – One sheet is big enough to make two shades
-Tin Snips – (they’re like scissors made for cutting metal)
-Needle-nose pliers
-22 gauge steel wire – cut into four 2″ pieces
-Old lamp shade – lamp shade should have large enough hole to fit a pendant kit and be smaller than 36″ circumference
-Pendant Light Kit
-Work gloves & protective eyewear
-Lightbulb – I used a round globe to give more interest to the finished piece!

Step One: Measure the top circumference of your lampshade and add 1/2 inch to your measurement. Be sure to use the side that has the arms joining to the center hole. Take note of the distance between each wire arm as well. If you’d like to keep your new shade the same height as your old shade, mark down that measurement as well and also add 1/2 inch for the top fold.

Measure and mark out a piece of your metal sheet which matches the appropriate length (total circumference) and appropriate width (however low you want it to hang). Make the factory-finished edge of the sheet the bottom edge of your shade.
Step Two: Take the paper, fabric, and bottom ring off of your lampshade. I got mine from the thrift store for about $2, so I didn’t feel terrible ripping it apart.

Step Three: Using your Tin Snips, cut on your marks from step one, being sure to wear gloves because the cut metal is sharp!

Step Four: Using needle-nose pliers and a straight edge (I used a cutting board), bend in the cut edge of your metal to a 90 degree angle.

Step Five: Make ‘V’ shaped notches in the folded edge where the shade’s wire arms would hit.

Step Six: If one of your wire arms will fall at the edge seam of the metal, cut an angle into each end (so when formed into a circle, it still makes a ‘V’). Slightly push the folded edge down a little bit so it creates a little crevice for the shade ring to fit within.
Metal Pendant Step 6

Step Seven: Carefully, (and still wearing your gloves!) wrap the metal around the shade ring, making sure that the finished edge of the metal is on top.
Metal Pendant Step 7

Step Eight: Using your needle-nose pliers, clamp the edge of the metal down onto the shade ring.
Metal Pendant Step 8

Step Nine: Fold your 2″ wire pieces in the center so they look like a hairpin. Thread each ‘pin’ through both overlapped sides at the seam and twist the backs tightly to secure. Repeat 3-4 times along the seam to create a nice drum shape.
Step Ten (optional): spray paint the color of your choice! I did a matte black, but think an oil-rubbed bronze or gold would be my second choice!
Metal Pendant Step 9

Here's the finished product!